The sun is already setting. Evening is my favorite time of the day … I make myself a cup of strong green tea and in anticipation begin to unfold my markers.

Funny, but starting to work on each new picture, I feel like I’m going on a little adventure, because the lines sometimes fall so unpredictably, and color combinations are born right in the process… And every time I look forward to the finale of this adventure to receive my award – finished painting, embodiment on the canvas of my idea…

So where to start today? I already know – work on the big picture will be later, and now I will create NFT-cards for one of my collections.

Creating collections is a new vector in my creative life. Now I have made it a rule to make at least a few pictures every day. Although the word “rule” is not entirely appropriate here, because rules are what we have to follow, whether we want to or not. And creating new points for the collection is really fun and even gives you relaxation.

“A photograph can only capture, and a picture reflects what I felt, when I saw that moment.”


And it’s very similar to keeping a diary… Yes, many of us kept diaries in childhood, some still keep them. As for me, I didn’t like to write down my thoughts and feelings during the day – when I reread the notes, for some reason it seemed to me, that they did not fully convey everything I felt in those moments, as if those notes lacked colors… 🙂  And just now I have really found my way to keep a diary.

And I’m a collector at heart – so every evening, gathering all the thoughts, feelings and impressions of the day, I always create one or more NFT-pictures for my collections – looking at them, I see, that I succeeded in conveying feelings in color and shades. And I always hope that after this day will come another, no less bright, and I hope with kind colors.

And now I suggest you to look at my collections. Perhaps, among my paintings you will find a reflection of yourself or the same impressions you had once in your life.

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