Hello, my name is Ira.
I am NFT artist. Here are all my paintings, collections & plans for future projects.


🆘I decided to dedicate this collection to a charity fundraising fund for victims of domestic violence – Women Against Violence in Europe (WAVE) foundation to help victims of domestic violence. 🙏 I chose this foundation because it provides assistance to women and children affected by violence in different countries of Europe, including the country where I live – Ukraine. 🇺🇦 🇪🇺 It is important to remember that victims of domestic violence are often left alone with the tyrant. And the world for them becomes separated by a veil.⛓🔗 And what they see is either blurry in their minds, or compressed into one point. And therefore, children suffering from domestic violence cannot develop normally, they feel like strangers to this world and cannot harmonize with it.🚫❌ And women, subdued by fear, cannot enjoy life and be part of society.💔 I drew this original picture myself, the rest were generated from the original.

All proceeds from this collection I will donate 💸💸💸 to the Domestic Violence Victims Fund Women against violence Europe (WAVE) 🙏


Drawing is not a job, it is a way of life, a type of thinking and the meaning of existence. I paint for myself and from the heart. And I show my works to people from the bottom of my heart.

“A photograph can only capture, and a picture reflects what I felt, when I saw that moment.”

Why did I choose NFT art? That’s how the planets have turned… I didn’t study for an artist, but I was drawing since I was a child, not having the opportunity to realize my talents before. Also in my heart I am a collector and all my childhood I collected something. For example, at school I collected toys from Kinder Surprise, after them was rare buttons …

That’s why I understand, what collectors feels, and I can realize my potential as an artist. NFT is a modern tool, that opens previously closed doors.


NFT artist, Kyiv, Ukraine

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