Mirrors of the souls

There is a saying: “The eyes are the mirror of the soul” 👁 But when we say this, we always mean only people. But after all, not only Homo Sapiens have a soul. Animals are also endowed with a soul.
Have you ever wondered: what are their eyes hiding? Not the eyes of your domestic cat or your beloved dog… The eyes of a wild animal or a bird of prey…

What do you think can be seen in the gaze of a majestic elephant, a lightning snake or a bloodthirsty crocodile? Wisdom? Threat? A promise of mortal danger or a sense of superiority?
Perhaps all of this at the same time. But the most important thing that we can see in the eyes of animals is how Mother Nature herself is watching us vigilantly 🦅🕸🐊🕸🐍🕸🐆🕸🐘

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