Hot passion: Love for putin is on the airwaves of KISS FM

Hot passion: Love for putin is on the airwaves of KISS FM

Views and opinions about the war in Ukraine and the attitude towards Russia and its leader – putin, unfortunately, vary among people all over the world. Here we can talk for a long time about how some residents of the USA, EU, China and other countries perceive what is happening in our country… in Ukraine.

But it does not matter, it is important to understand how Ukrainians themselves perceive this war and treat their own country. Our thoughts and feelings play an indisputable and irreplaceable role in building the correct political picture not only for Ukraine, but also for the whole world. We Ukrainians experience many emotional reactions to Russia’s war against Ukraine. From endless anger and despair to joy and confidence in your right to independence and freedom.

All these feelings have a right to exist… all but one – the feeling of not belonging. In some cases, people may feel a sense of not belonging to their country due to cultural, ethnic or political differences, which can lead to feelings of alienation or lack of shared values. But when the soldiers of another country come to your land to destroy your home, your way of life and even life itself. You can no longer not belong to Ukraine.

That is why we react very emotionally to so-called “betrayals” by our compatriots. It can be both intentional betrayals and committed unintentionally. But they still cause us the same emotional and negative reaction.

I usually try not to write about such things, but today, during work, I heard a song on the airwaves of my favorite KISS FM radio station with the following text: “putin my love”. And I immediately thought that it seemed to me, since the song is called “Work With My Love”. But the more carefully I listened, the more clearly I could hear the chorus, which, although it sounded confused, but it sounded exactly like that – putin my love.

I found this song on YouTube at this link ( and listened to it at the slowest speed. And all the same, the singer’s passionate passion for vladimir putin, an international criminal, can be clearly heard.

I don’t want to accuse my favorite radio station of malicious betrayal, but it would still be nice if the DJs listened to the content they put out. As for the artist Alok & James Arthur, I would like to say that the word “putin” in their text may sound accidental due to the peculiarities of pronunciation. But changing the words “Work With ” to “putin” even by accident, in my opinion, is impossible.

I will not publish this article on Twitter and Instagram, as I have already lost one profile due to criticism of the aggressor country. But I decided to share my opinion on my website and Telegram channel.

I wish everyone a peaceful sky, the fastest victory and everything will be – Ukraine!

Hot passion: Love for putin is on the airwaves of KISS FM

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