🩸Violence 🩸⛓❗️


Unfortunately, the topic of domestic violence 🩸⛓ continues to be relevant in the world. It’s not resolved, infact, according to statistics, the situation has worsened several times due to the COVID-19 pandemic ❗️

Very often victims of domestic violence are afraid to tell the truth and are left alone with the tyrant. And then they seem to be separated from the surrounding world by a veil ⛓🔗, and everything that they see around them is as if blurred and compressed into one point and its name is fear.

With this picture I want to support everyone, who is experiencing or has experienced episodes of domestic violence 💔 Remember: do not be ashamed to ask for help 📣, you cannot endure pain and humiliation 🚫❌, because you and your life are priceless ‼️

All proceeds from this painting I will donate 💸💸💸 to the Domestic Violence Victims Fund Women against violence Europe (WAVE) 🙏

I really want to help and I believe that the donations made by each kind person can save more than one life 😇

P.S. Information about the donation of funds received from the sale of the painting «🩸Violence 🩸⛓❗️» I will publish on my website and social media accounts immediately after the sale of NFT.

Violence Collage
Painting Violence Generated

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