Cubism Iracional NFT

Is everything ingenious simply or is the Devil in the details? 2 such different expressions, but combines them one thing – both of these phrases are suitable for describing the style of cubism. «Magic Cubes» – called Henri Matisse the image of houses in the painting of Georges Braque. At first sight, they look obscenely simple, but if you look closely, you can see, how each line, shade and detail helps convey the author’s idea – to paint a beautiful cityscape.

That is why I love cubism more than other styles in painting – it gives the ability to pay attention to small details and allows us to see the whole picture of this world.

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My self-portrait in style cubism

How do you see yourself?…


Divine creation of the universe

I am a fatalist and therefore


Seeing off the night

Night owls or early birds?…


Pear animation NFT

Juicy fruit – sweet mood


Don’t rush, enjoy the color 😉🎨

Sometimes I feel like life


The King of Vegetables

Eggplant is called the king


Spirit of the Night

Night is the most magical…


Hot mood

What is your ideal…


The symbol of success

In Chinese culture the frog


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