Hot passion: Love for putin is on the airwaves of KISS FM

Views and opinions about the war in Ukraine and the attitude towards Russia and its leader – putin, unfortunately, vary among people all over the world. Here we can talk for a long time about how some residents of the USA, EU, China and other countries perceive what is happening in our country… in Ukraine. […]

3D art, what you need to know and whether it is worth doing

The birth of 3D technologies opened up new opportunities for the development of art for all of us. In addition to creating three-dimensional scenes and objects, 3D technology is also used in the field of art known as 3D art. This art allows artists to create unique and exciting works of art using 3D technology. […]

Ban for the truth about the war in Ukraine or the story of the “stumbling block”

Hello friends! This post will be a little different from the ones I wrote before. It will differ primarily in emotionality and critical judgments. But the situation has developed in such a way that I can no longer do otherwise. I don’t like to complain and start a storm, but sometimes circumstances just push us to start screaming as loudly as possible so that we can be heard. And so I decided to write this post and tell the whole truth.

The first 10 NFT-pictures from my collection “Kamin’ NFT Diary”

Today, on the Day of Remembrance of all the victims of World War II and the Day of Victory over Nazism, I post the first 10 NFT pictures from my new collection «Kamin’ NFT Diary». This will be the first collection from a series about the war, which is now goes in my country, in Ukraine. I made this collection for 75 days and it contains of 75 NFT pictures, I will post 10 pictures at once. Now the collection is finished, and I am starting the second collection with this stone, but I will write about in the next post.

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