Digestive tract of Hell

Hell is always near… evil never sleeps… death cannot be cheated… There are many popular expressions about the “dark side”. But what is their point? People are people, and remain unchanged through the ages and epochs.

Each religion has its own idea of ​​Hell, but in the generally accepted culture, it is believed that demons are trying to seduce a person so that his soul goes to Hell. I’m not a Christian, so I have my own idea of ​​the afterlife. But if we perceive Hell as a symbol, then what is the meaning of the perversion of the soul? To boil it in a cauldron? To be able to be tortured in the worst representations of medieval torture? Why?…

In my understanding, Hell, as a symbol of evil, must feed on the strength of people, sucking out all the vital juices from it. Thus, we can say that Hell is not a prison for sinful souls, but a digestive system, the task of which is to provide the «dark side» with the necessary life-giving forces. And the tempter demons are a kind of bacteria that contribute to the process of splitting the food that enters this system.

Accordingly, we can say that Hell does not tempt or torture human souls, but digests them, enveloping them with acids, bile and mucus, to split the soul into nutrient enzymes. And what does the food that has passed through the human digestive system turn into? Souls that have gone through the digestive system of Hell also turn into this…

And the most curious thing is that all this digestion of souls takes place here, in earthly life. The afterlife of sinners is only the final stage, when the life-giving substances obtained from the soul split by enzymes are absorbed by the digestive system, and then sent to the same place where the food is devoid of any nutritional enzymes from the human body.

Therefore, in my understanding, this is the fate of the soul, which was able to swallow the «dark side» – oblivion in the sewers. This is my personal opinion and I do not urge you to agree with it. But that is why I decided to give this name to my collection dedicated to the theme of mysticism and eschatology.

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