February 28, 2022 The first negotiations and getting used to the war

Although we have no idea how to survive during the war, it turned out that we acted very wisely, having stocked up on food for two weeks. Now not all grocery stores work in Kyiv. And in those that are open, there is an acute shortage of goods and huge queues of people right on the street. So we decided that we would use the food we had even more economically to make it enough for three weeks. After all, mild malnutrition is considered to be good for health… or at least we try to believe in it.

The Ukrainian army did not allow the Russians to break into Kyiv. Therefore, there are battles for small towns around the capital in the northwest and northeast. We constantly hear explosions coming from afar. The air raid siren is regularly buzzing, Russians shooting both at the suburbs and at Kyiv. Although it is still scary and the blood freezes in the veins because the sound of sirens, the first signs of getting used to the war appeared.

We no longer hide in the bathroom during air raids, guided by the rule of two walls, and do not stop working when explosions are heard nearby. Of course, this is wrong, we should always be vigilant and not neglect security measures. But, it seems to me, such reaction is a kind of psychological protection against going crazy from the war.

Also today representatives of Russia met for the first time with representatives of Ukraine for negotiations. And, of course, my heart wanted the end of war as soon as possible. But I understood that these negotiations will be useless. Because Ukraine won’t surrender, and Moscow will demand this. UPD: And so it happened.

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