February 26, 2022 Death walks the streets of Kyiv, and life is born in the dungeon

As the authorities promised, the scary time has come. All over Kyiv there are battles of varying intensity. Somewhere shooting is heard, also explosions, something is burning, tanks were seen, rockets fly. They get into residential buildings, schools and hospitals, everywhere they brings dead and destruction. At such moments doubts arise whether we did the right thing by staying in the city. But there is nowhere to go, also citizens are not able to safely leave Kyiv anymore… and we still don’t want to leave. But it’s just very scary.

Work distracts from everything that is happening. Therefore, for the second day I remain the only one of the chiefs, who keeps in touch with the employees of our online enterprise. Thanks to this work processes continues as much as possible in such conditions. I also enjoy drawing. Now I draw not only the stone I found, but also bigger pictures.

We stayed at home, but many citizens do not just hide in the dungeons of Kyiv – metro stations, but already fully live there, coming home only to change things and take food supplies.

And if death walks along the streets of Kyiv, the life is born in its dungeons – at night at one of the underground stations a child was born – a girl named Mia. And Russians, who lives in Ukraine, wrote an appeal to Russian soldiers to return home and stop the war.

UPD: We read in the news, that the first cases of looting by Russian soldiers were recorded. No one knew, what we will find out in the future…

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